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Gamble presents a model of Porsche #1 to Dr. Wolfgang Porsche at Monterey Historic Races 1982 to take home to his father, Dr. Ferry Porsche

Dr. Ferry Porsche 83rd birthday gift presentation. Sept 1992

Porsche's personal office Zuffenhausen Germany

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"Age of the Titans" shown to Dr. Porsche

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Porsche Design store one man opening South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, California, March 1994

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Carroll Shelby, Tilman Gregor and Roy at Silverstone 1996

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Carroll Shelby receiving Commemorative Sculpture 1997 LA auto show

Jeff Gamble and a pleased Carroll Shelby LA 1997

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Roy Salvadori displaying his 1959 Le Mans winning Aston Martin Sculpture

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Meadow Brook Concours Artist Reception Chrysler World Headquarters 1998

Admiring Ford President Jac Nasser w/Gamble at Meadow Brook August 2000 Artist Opening

Beverly Hills Collector Bruce Meyer taking delivery of a commissioned "Love'n the Speedster" with Rudge wheels.
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Gamble poster

Some Southern Arizona Porsche Club history

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