"Lucky Photo"

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Early Morning 1984 we were on our way to the local Tucson PCA "Cinco-de-Mayo" concours. Equipped with my trusty Cannon sure shot camera we pulled into the polo field display area where a local Radio station hot air balloon was taking off. I thought perhaps "This could be a 356 Kodak moment" with both the Roadster and the balloon. I had to hurry as the balloon was quickly ascending I literally jumped out of the Roadster slamming the door got down on one knee and snapped the picture.

The developed slide revealed long crisp morning shadows, Catalina Mountains, the balloon reading KAIR and of coarse the Porsche Roadster. My subscription renewal to Christophorus was due so I included the slide along with a note that perhaps the photo could be included in the old car section in the back of the magazine. Much to my complete surprise editors of the Christo chose the "lucky photo" for the centerfold of the #173 October 1984 issue.